Kudos to Larry

We’ve known for several months that Larry will become commander of American Legion Post 75 next month. Now the whole world knows. Thank you to Sheena Young for a good article in the Middletown Press and to my friend Cathy Avalone for stellar photos.


Larry Riley, incoming commander of American Legion Post 75. Credit: Cathy Avalone, Middletown Press. .
Larry Riley, incoming commander of American Legion Post 75. Credit: Cathy Avalone, Middletown Press. .

Lots of folks called and came up to me on the street, but the best was the metaphorical standing O from City Councilman Grady Faulkner. Here’s what he sent out:

A link to an article featuring always cool, calm, collected and now New Commander of American Legion Milardo-Wilcox Post 75 here in Middletown, our very own larger than life… born and raised in Middletown Mr. Larry Riley.  The brother is so cool, he spoke at the last council meeting and just rather casually mentioned he was Commander-Elect for Post 75.  He is the First African American selected to lead this Veterans unit based here in Middletown.  I attend many veterans events as a councilman (Middletown hosts a State Veterans cemetery). The official ceremony will be Sept 9th 6pm at their meeting place on Bernie O’Rourke Drive.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to a great Middletown native, a caring man for this community, a tough stern presence.. someone you need to be talking to our young people about.  You may want to post the article for the youth to read.  I’ve talked with him in the past about highlighting the “return” of African Americans in the military since he experienced both the chill after Vietnam (political) and the historical return to “place” for African Americans (racial).  As supporters, it’s our job to make that happen by Inviting him to speak on topics relevant to us.  I am very happy and very proud of this, so send him a card, write a letter to the editor … DO something to let people know our feelings about the man and what he represents. btw – I just saw the James Brown movie, so I can SAY IT LOUD…. I’m Black and I’m PROUD.

Thank you, Grady. Congratulations, Larry!

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