My Turn

OK, so today it’s my turn to brag. Among the items that were lost in the blog deletion were the publicity about African American Connecticut Explored, and the talks that I gave in New London and Old Saybrook in support of my essay, “Just Like Georgia Except for the Climate: Black Life at Mid-Century in Ann Petry’s The Narrows.” More than six months later, I’m still entranced by the exquisite cover photo of my grand-aunt Anna Louise James who ran James’ Pharmacy  for more than forty years.


Now, it is a thrill to report that my essay appears in the magazine, which also features Mother on the cover and stunning photo reproductions inside. The theme of the fall issue is “The Power of the Pen,” and Mother is in illustrious company: Ida Tarbell, Gideon Welles, a gaggle of authors of children’s books, Harriet Beecher Stowe.

It’s especially great to see the byline of Joe Nunes, my former boss, who wrote “The Political Fires that Fueled The Courant.” When we talked about writing for Connecticut Explored, I had no idea we’d be in the same issue, just a few pages away! Thanks, Joe. for contributing terrific insights about the Courant’s long and winding road to the present day.

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