My Venn

I came late to Venn diagrams but now find them mesmerizing. They make certain types of relationships much easier to visualize.

The problems presented basic logic, numbers of students taking particular classes and so forth, but I did not appreciate’s example of the cat who ”deposited” geckoes on the carpet, including six gray, twelve tailless, and fifteen that he’s chewed on “a little.” Not gonna solve that one even with the disclaimer that “no geckoes or cats were injured in the production of the above word problem.” Couldn’t he have chosen moles or something a bit more destructive than the Geico guy?

The link to Visual Complexity  offers a number of time-wasting graphics. Check out radio right now.

Here’s one I don’t quite get: Eriksondata puts art, data, and math in the three circles. Love that at the intersection lie “very well paid people.” I understand that art produces graphic designers, and math produces stats nerds, but where did data trolls come from?

From that Venn, I conclude it’s OK to  diagram with made-up stuff. The caveat to what follows is that the perspiration side should be at least five times as large as the inspiration.




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