Sushi Friday



130 Main Street

Middletown CT 06457


 Sushi Friday lunches continue, but the posts have fallen behind. There’s been some good news of late. Among the best, the horror that was Osaka closed. In its place, Moonlight.

What I like: Lots of free parking right outside the door. The hibachi and sushi bar occupy separate floors so I don’t have the smell of frying meat on my clothes when I leave. The miso comes as a substantial broth with the right balance of seaweed and tofu. The excellent sushi chef offers a lagniappe. The first time he served yellowtail in thin sauce with a slice of jalapeño on top. The second time, when I shared the space with two women who seemed to be  looking for a show, I think it was fried cream cheese (?!) with katsu and sauce I couldn’t id. It tasted great. Another offering included tiny bits of fish with cucumber and spicy sauce. The sashimi – two escolar, three tuna, two salmon – arrived in a magnificent presentation. I saved the orchid and baby’s breath. On one occasion, the chef kept the inept wait staff in line, making sure the rice arrived. Prices fall a bit below others in the area.

What I don’t like: The service can be disorganized, though that has improved since the hostess recognizes me. On the second visit, the food arrived before the beverage, and the waitress spilled half the soup so the bowl was sliding across the counter. The menu has recent Sharpie changes, indicating the management doesn’t have its act together. On one occasion, neighboring diners ordered something with mango. Manager/owner said if they could wait, he’d go buy some. Another diner had to order a refill on his tea.

Grade: B for the fish and the presentation, otherwise it would be C-

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