Reading Uncommon Appeal of Clouds

Another in the series and one that I started just before I embarked for Syracuse. Having downloaded one Precious Ramotswe and one Isabel Dalhousie, I decided to spend time with Isabel first and then visit Precious.

The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds is Alexander McCall Smith’s ninth in the Sunday Philosophy Club series. Maybe I’m more attuned because of familiarity, but this time the ethical quandaries in Isabel’s personal situation and the “mystery” seem to have a clearer connection. As Isabel and Jamie confront how to deal with their son’s precocious ability with math, Isabel attempts to recover a painting stolen from the patriarch of a dysfunctional family. There’s also another episode of an employee quitting. It happened twice in The Good Husband of Zebra Drive. Did AMS experience a similar incident?

As with Good Husband, the plots in Uncommon Appeal border on the invisible. And there’s the continuing annoyance in the form of Eddie, assistant at the deli owned by Isabel’s niece. He suffers from terminal insecurity and maybe far more. AMS has strung out the “what’s wrong with Eddie?” theme long enough.